2013: Is it the Year to All-In with Gold and Silver?

Joe Stewart here, with a quick article that asks whether 2013 is the right moment to begin buying precious metals. The last few years have been quite volatile in terms of the price, but if you look at a chart of gold and Silver over 10 years or more you will see the long-term benefits to investing. You can get the best place for gold IRA in this sites.

As the dollar loses value each year, it is clear that gold and silver prices will be on the rise. But the question is “WHEN?”

After President Obama’s 4th term in office, and the upcoming fiscal cliff, the most wealthy Americans have been turning cash and IRAs into hard tangible assets such as gold and silver for many decades. They must know more than we do. Is it a good time to start buying gold and silver now? Here are my thoughts.

We can only hope that people of lower income have the opportunity to buy silver while it is still inexpensive. People will scramble to find ways to pay the bills and acquire a boatload of silver or gold to replenish their savings and 401k accounts when the United States Dollar crashes.

I know many couples who bought silver at under $10 per an ounce. They then cashed in on their silver at $40+ an troy ounce and went to cash to pay for their family home. Imagine how it would feel! You can buy a house for your children and yourself for many years without a mortgage. It’s smart to trade your cash for gold and/or silver at this point.

Personally, I have been diversifying when deciding on precious metals. My current home-based business offers tax benefits and residual income. I now buy Numismatic coin through it. However, for investment purposes, I take the net profit from my home based business and invest a small percentage in gold bullion like bars, coins, and rounds.

This article should have informed and educated you on the risks of buying precious metals today’s corrupt economy. How to prepare for the worst, so you know how to make the most of the best times.

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