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Croatian waters form part of the Adriatic Sea which extends north between 40deg to 45deg 45″ and is a part of the Mediterranean Sea. Adriatic Sea is surrounded Mediterranean countries Italy Slovenia Croatia Montenegro Albania. Read more now yacht supplies mallorca

Croatia has the most beautiful Adriatic coast for yacht charter. Croatia has 5,835 km of coastline. 1,777 km are on the mainland, and more than 4,000 are islands. This is a great place to enjoy your nautical holiday. Croatia yacht charter agencies offer a variety of boats: sailboats and powerboats as well as luxury boats like gullets and super yachts.

The charter fee covers the charter of a boat with all its equipment, as well as full insurance coverage for both yacht and crew. The charter fee does not include fuel expenses, skipper/hostess or other services. Only after payment has been made regularly can the chartered yacht be used with all its equipment.

Bookings require a deposit of 30-50% (of the charter fee).

Four weeks prior to the start of the charter, 50-70% of charter fees are due.

When you take over the yacht, you will also need to pay a security deposit. You can pay the security deposit in cash or by credit card. The full amount of the security deposit will be refunded unless the yacht is damaged or defective, or there are third party claims against you.

Charter agency must deliver the yacht to you fully equipped, faultless and with full water and fuel tanks at agreed time and location. You can ask for money back if the chartering company did not fulfill the above conditions. If the charter agency is unable to place the yacht available at the agreed location 4 hours after expiration of the time for takeover or provides another yacht with at least the same or better characteristics you can cancel the contract. You will be entitled to the full amount of the fee for the charter or the amount for all the days he has not used the yacht.

You will be responsible for all costs associated with the use of your yacht. This includes the cost of fuel, oil and water. You must sail in the Croatian territorial water. You are required to obtain a special certificate and permission from the charter company before you leave Croatian territorial water.

You agree to follow all customs and regulations, take good care of your yacht and its equipment, and to navigate it according to the rules and regulations of a competent navigator.

The number of people aboard must match the crew list. Pets (dogs and cats, birds, etc.) are not permitted on the yacht unless an agreement has been made in advance.

Insurance is determined by terms set by the insurer. The yacht is fully insured up to the amount registered for the insured risks for damages caused by force majeure. The crew of the yacht is insured.

The insurance covers the damage caused by natural disasters or weather, but excludes the damage done on purpose. In this case, you will be responsible for all costs incurred by the damage caused on purpose. Personal belongings aren’t covered by insurance.

The yacht must be taken over at the agreed-upon time and location. You are required to carefully inspect the condition and equipment of the yacht according to the inventory. The chartering company has the right to refuse to give you the yacht, if their representatives believe that you are incompetent to operate it.

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