Make a resolution to balance your energy in the new year

It is common to make resolutions to improve your life as the new year approaches. We often express our desire to find more fulfillment in work and life by losing weight, exercising, saving money, and finding better work. Visit male female energy before reading this.

Sometimes our resolutions fail to materialize and other times we struggle to keep what we have achieved because we are not in balance. We will have the best success in this area if we learn to understand our opposite and use good Gender Physics. Our masculine and female energy can be accessed equally, allowing us to align our actions with our heart’s desires. This gives us a solid foundation for achieving our goals.

If they don’t have a feminine, it will be difficult for them to feel their feelings. This can not only affect their ability form relationships, but also limit their ability identify what work, exercise, and other activities nourish their soul. Their creativity will be reduced and their productivity will be less.

However, men who lack the masculine skills will struggle to design and implement an action program, which can hinder their ability to concentrate on a goal. This lack of discernment makes limiting what you eat and how much money you spend difficult. They will be dependent on others and lose the self-reliance that comes with independence.

We can make positive changes in our lives by achieving balance. It takes masculine energy to focus on a goal, but it is the feminine energy which gives meaning to that goal. Knowing who you really are and then using your masculine energies to create a lasting change in your eating, career, or spending habits is key to creating lasting changes.

The world we live in is dominated by masculine energies. We need to increase our feminine energy. You can cultivate your sensuality*. This is done by being more aware and present in yourself. Masculine energy is concerned with doing, while feminine energy is all about being. It’s important that we let go of our obsession with “doing” and allow ourselves to simply be. (People with excess feminine energy might also need to be more proactive and move beyond their contemplative selves.

Start by taking deep, relaxing breaths to increase your sense of sensuality. Next, activate all your senses.

Do more than just look. Pay close attention to details. You can further experience this by recollecting your favorite sights and how they made you feel when you saw them.

2) Listen and not just hear. Be fully present when they speak. Pay attention to what they are saying. Recall the most appealing sounds and how it felt when you heard them.

3) Don’t eat only but also feel the food. Try to enjoy it and experience its texture. What are the best tastes?

4) Don’t touch just feel. Take advantage of the stimulation that comes with using all those nerve endings in you lips, fingers, and toes. What is your favorite touch?

Feel the fragrance. Inhale deeply and feel the sensation. What are the memories and feelings that you associate with your favorite scents?

Masculine energy makes use of the senses. But feminine energy feels them. It takes it to a whole other level. If you are open to the feminine, you will live in the present and have a better understanding of the world. You’ll also be more balanced and able make your New Years resolutions a reality. Which senses are most open for you to experience in the fullest possible way?